Vivat Turn Table D-70


Device is used for shooting heavy objects weighing up to 150 kg: clothing collections on models or mannequins, household appliance, furniture, tools…


Vivat Turn Table D-70


Automated shooting process (device releases camera shutter).

You can set: number of frames (1-360), pause before shoot, pause after shoot, rotation speed,  direction, acceleration…

Also you can shoot without pauses (useful when you need to process lot of products) or in manual shooting mode to create animations (turntable waits for pressing a key every frame).

Photo mode is used for creation a sequence of 360° images or batch photo.

Video mode is useful for capturing instagram videos, or YouTube product reviews.

Manual mode allows you to perform a test rotation to make sure the object fits the frame.

Industrial stepper motor and gear transmission provides high positioning accuracy, low noise and reliability. Device doesn’t require calibration when shooting objects with different weights.

Vivat Turn D-70 can work outdoors.

You can connect 12V battery to provide the autonomous power supply (solds separatelly).

High load capacity.

Solid surface and 19 ball bearings can hold objects weighing up to 150 kg (two humans).

Now you can shoot furniture, tires, household appliance, live models…

Transportation handles allow you to easily move the device from one place to another.

Legs with height adjustment provide Vivat Turn Table installation on an uneven floor.

IR remote control allows you to operate Vivat Controller at distance up to 5m.

You just press one key and device automatically shoot image sequence of your product.

Vivat Turn Table D-70

Photography automation device designed for online stores. A great tool for creating amazing interactive 360° spins of large objects.

Motorized photo turntable Vivat Turn Table D-70 is designed for shooting heavy objects weighing up to 150 kg: clothing collections on models or mannequins, household appliances, furniture, tools …

It will also be an irreplaceable tool for video bloggers, cameramen, those who do 3D scanning.

Ease of use and intuitive interface make our product an effective tool for creating three-dimensional images, even for beginners.

Free Vivat Photo 360° Software

Vivat Photo 360 Software (for Windows) allows you to easily perform basic processing of the captured image sequence (brightness, contrast, levels, color temperature …), add your own watermark and create a Photo 360 ° script, GIF animation or SIRV spin.

All Vivat Turn Table buyers get full version of Vivat Photo 360 Software for free.

What’s in the box?

  • Vivat Turn Table D-70
  • Vivat Controller
  • camera sync cable with individual camera adapter
  • power adapter
  • infrared remote control
  • Vivat Photo 360 software (for Windows)

Technical characteristics

  • divice size: 700 x 700 x 110 mm
  • device weight: 12 kg
  • package size: 710 x 710 x 130 mm
  • package weight: 13 kg
  • maximum object mass: 150 kg
  • surface: laminated wood chipboard, 700 mm diamer
  • power: 220V / 110V / 12V
Best Price
One Year Warranty
Online Support
High Quality

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 71 × 71 × 13 cm
Surface diameter

70 cm

Max. object mass

150 kg


photo mode, video mode, manual mode

Frames quantity in photo mode

1 to 360

Max. speed in video mode

40-50 seconds per rotation

Programmable user frames



external vivat controller, 12V input, ir remote control, handles for transportation


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